Civil Society and Earthquake Report is Online

The Civil Society and Earthquake report, created by Sivil Sayfalar (Civil Pages) with monitoring the work of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission and the participation of NGOs, has been published.

The Civil Society and Earthquake (Parliamentary Investigation Commission Impressions) Report was prepared within the scope of the ‘Parliamentary Investigation Commission Monitoring Project’ carried out by Sivil Sayfalar with the support of the Support Foundation for Civil Society and the Turkey Mozaik Foundation. In the project, which lasted for 6 months, a monitoring study was carried out to enable the political parties to communicate with the Parliamentary Investigation Commission, which was opened with the joint decision of all political parties represented in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey after the İzmir Earthquake, to monitor the activities of the Commission, and to contribute to these activities.

Through Sivil Sayfalar, which is the main address of civil society journalism in Turkey, and social media channels, a campaign entitled ‘Sallanmadan Hazırlan’ (Get Ready before the Earthquake) was launched to inform NGOs about the Research Commission, to introduce the methods of applying to the Commission, to apply to the Commission or to support the production of outputs for the benefit of the Commission. Within the scope of the project, a workshop was held with broad participation, where opportunities and shortcomings in the disaster works of different NGOs throughout Turkey, relations between NGOs and NGO-public relations and the content that could be produced for the Parliamentary Investigation Commission were discussed.

The report includes the main findings of the content and monitoring activity produced during the working period of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission, as well as the findings regarding the relations between the Parliament and NGOs, and relations between NGOs. In the report, which includes suggestions for the active participation of NGOs in disaster policies, especially earthquakes, the importance of ensuring the binding of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission report and transforming the commission into a permanent specialization commission is also emphasized.

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