The civil society of Turkey is really successful in defining the social and environmental issues, analyzing the sources of the problems and producing knowledge about the problems. Each year, reports are published and projects are developed in a diverse range of subjects from environmental problems to children’s rights, gender inequality to animals’ rights, human rights violations to urban issues. However, despite this performance, civil society organizations are inadequate in having an impact on the opinions of the citizens and the decisions of the politics and public administration. Behind this ineffectiveness is the introversion of the CSOs within the narrow limits of their own identities/communities and the themes they approach. Introversion of CSOs positions civil society into a decorative element in the world of politics, a voice in the private sector’s world.

Civil Pages (Sivil Sayfalar), in such an environment, is established in the attempt to make a contribution to overcoming civil society’s closure situation and to increase the effect of the civil society. By civil society journalism, we aim to make the civil society’s experience visible to media, public administration, politics, opinion leaders and other CSOs. We aim to present a medium for the civil society world’s spokespeople where they can join discussions and can come up with new discussions.

In our journey, we attract attention to the thematic and cultural diversity of the civil society and show attention to reflecting this diversity in the contents we publish. We try our best to have all the civil society from local organizations to rights advocacy organization, from expertize-based organizations to philanthropy focused organizations in Civil Pages. At the same time, we value acting as a bridge between different groups within the civil society. We establish bonds with all the parts of the society and spokespeople of these parts.

In short, as Civil Pages, our priority is to support the visibility of the knowledge and experience produced by civil society and provide different organizations coming from different thematic, political and cultural backgrounds to be informed about each other. In this way, we aim at contributing to the civil society of Turkey to be a part of the democracy of Turkey with its own individualities.