False Facts about Syrians

There is always some news about Syrians everyday on social media, TV or newspapers.   Most of the news on social media is based on false facts and is generally racist. Some of them are collected by Refugees Association.
  1. The government pays for Syrians’ phone bills

It is fabricated news. Directorate General of Migration Management distributes phone cards which can only be used in payphones and they are not for Syrians living in Turkey but for foreigners waiting to be deported in repatriation centres. This project’s cost is covered by EU countries.

  1. Syrians get paid by the government

Syrians get aids by KIZILAYKART. It is funded by the European Union, implemented by the Turkish Red Crescent and UN World Food Programme. Syrians do not get paid by the Turkish Government.

  1. Syrians can get into any university without taking university admission exam

There are no privileges for Syrians when entering Turkish universities. Syrians have as many rights as any other foreign students have.

  1. Syrians do not pay taxes for their cars

Owners of registered cars must pay motor vehicles tax. Syrians are obliged to pay tax, make insurance and technical inspection for their cars like everyone else in Turkey.

  1. Syrians will also vote in the elections

The first condition to vote in Turkey is to be a Turkish citizen. Non-Turkish citizens cannot vote.

  1. TOKİ (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) will give houses free of charge to Syrians

The first condition to own a house from TOKİ buildings is to be a Turkish Citizen. It is not possible for Syrians to buy TOKİ houses.

  1. Syrians will be employed as state officials

It is clear in the law that the first condition to be employed as a state official is to be a Turkish citizen. Foreigners do not have a right to become a public servant.