Turning Back to the Village in Erzincan

Pelitli Village in Erzincan is one of the villages that became empty in the 90s. Villagers migrated to Erzincan, Ankara, İstanbul, Antalya and some European countries and they want to turn back. First, they plan to establish a solidarity foundation. Their aim is to implement a project to return to their village.

We interviewed Ali Bulut, project coordinator, about the foundation and their projects.

Could you briefly tell about yourself?

I’ve been living in Switzerland for 25 years. My family migrated to Ankara from Pelitli in 1970s. Then, I migrated to Switzerland for a better life. I have been actively working in Alevi associations for years.

What is the purpose of the association?

It is going to be a bridge to help people from Pelitli to connect and be in solidarity. We want to become organized as an association and implement some projects to return to Pelitli.

What do you plan to do in the village?

There are young and retired people that want to turn back. Young people have trouble in finding a job. Our village is ideal for growing fruits, vegetables or ranching and viticulture. We will sell our products by establishing cooperatives. Via those cooperative we will apply to grant schemes. We will hold events in every summer. There will also be a cemevi and a mansion in our village.