Thousands of Women Walked in #8March Feminist Night March

Thousands of women filled Istiklal Street to march in the 16thFeminist Night March with their slogans: “We Rebel, we are not silent, we are not afraid, we are not obeying!”

9 March 2018

From their press statement:

“History of women’s struggle is for more than a century now. If there is pressure, there is resistance. Women have always resisted and claimed their lives.

Today we stand here side by side and see the misogyny, racism and fascism fluttering ahead.

“We are faced with a system that constantly looks for a way to exploit our labour, our sexuality and our body by pushing all the care labour of the world on us, by trying to bring our fertility under control, by condemning us to unequal moral and material conditions, by acting as if there is a single sexual orientation and there are only two sexual identities, by inflicting violence on us to “bring us into line,” by abusing children, by handing our lives over male-dominated and religious institutions, by drawing the boundaries themselves and determining when it is legitimate to violate these boundaries and by resorting to weapons when they cannot establish their authority. There is a male-dominated mechanism that excludes women from decision making bodiesand enforces us to live a life that we do not want to live.

It is irrelevant to say “enough!” Enough is enough for such a long time. Enough is enough from the very beginning.

We resist and rise against the system, which tries to “tame us” by fear, violence, war, sweet talk and family tales, with feminism.

We have already started to dream of another world and we know that it is possible to build by standing together in solidarity.

Long live feminism, long live feminist struggle!”