The Latest News on Kabataş Seagull Project

It has been reported that the Metropolitan Municipality of İstanbul has cancelled the Kabataş Square and Transfer Center Project, which is also called as “Kabataş Martı (Seagull) Project”.

Releasing a statement about the news regarding the cancellation of the project, the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has said the project will be redrawn without the highway traffic being taken underground.

The project included a 60 thousand square meters of open space, metro connection, museums and exhibition halls, parking area, bazaar and stores. The initial plan included also an underground highway and bus stops.

What damages has the project done?

The constructions could have cost low but serve much to the public, but due to ill-planning, the costs were high and it gave ecological damage. The ferry port, which used to be used by ferries going to the districts of Adalar, Kadıköy and Üsküdar, was closed as of the onset of the project. Citizens’ right to transportation has been limited. Although the Municipality indicates that green areas will expand, we know that it does not substitute for natural soil to absorb rain.

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